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Sandblasting for Steel Tanks

Restore your tanks to their original, quality condition with our sandblasting services. Advanced Prep-Coat in Worcester, Massachusetts, specializes in tank sandblasting for industrial companies in the Northeast. To have your tanks smoothed out and reconditioned, contact us and we'll be more than happy to come out and inspect your unit and give you a free estimate to have it fully restored.

Applying Special Coating to Tubesheet

Restoring Your Unit

When you notice your tanks beginning to rust, it's a sign that they need to be cleaned. Advanced Prep-Coat has more than 30 years of experience sandblasting tanks. This involves removing the rust from the inside and outside of the tank and applying a special coating to protect the steel and add life to the unit.


Sandblasting has many benefits. It protects the tank from abrasion and erosion, as well as harmful UV rays, since many forms of sandblasting include thermal protection. In addition, it makes the unit look better overall.

Different Applications

Sandblasting involves a variety of applications, including sponge blasting, baking soda blasting, glass bead blasting, water blasting, and soundproofing. It also uses different coatings, including coal slag, epoxy, chemical-resistant coatings, ceramic coatings, and high-temp coatings.

Other Uses

While the majority of our work involves steel tanks, we also offer sandblasting for other surfaces, including brick and wood. Sandblasting also works well with piping, confined space work, and chemical containment.